Stamp Duty On Agreement Deed

5% on the value of Maeket in panchayet Area 6% on the market value in urban areas, corporation areas and notified areas not included in 23 (a) and Mouzas specified or blocks of South 24 Parganas and North 24 Parganas, divided into three parts of the New Town Kolkata Development Authority and divided into a series of blocks. 1% additional stamp duty in urban and rural areas if the market value exceeds 40 Lakh w.e.f. 02.03.2015. The same obligation as a transport (the adhesive stamps affixed must be removed at the time of execution, so that they are not available for reuse. The KS Act departs from both the BS Act and the IS Act, as specific provisions concerning the transfer of movable and immovable property apply in accordance with Article 5 of the KS Act. Article 5(e) of the KS Act imposes stamp duty on an agreement for the sale of immovable property for which partial enforcement is foreseen. Where ownership of the property is delivered or agreed upon prior to the performance of the carriage, the prescribed stamp duty shall be the same as the obligation imposed in respect of an act of transfer provided for in Article 20. Like the BS Act, the KS Act provides for the taking into account of stamp duty on the tax paid on the act of transport. In the event that ownership of the property is not delivered, the liability of a stamp duty for such agreements is limited to INR 20 thousand. 2. The assignment of copyright shall be exempt from stamp duty. Deposit of instruments of ownership Amount of guarantee of the loan or for the deposit, deposit or pledge Amount of the guarantee of the loan An instrument of sale is a favorable proof that the seller has transferred absolute ownership of the property to the buyer.

Through this document, the rights and shares of ownership are acquired by the new owner. An instrument of sale generally consists of the following information: the same obligation as an ascending obligation (No. 16) for the total amount paid, payable or deliverable under such a lease agreement. The same obligation as a transport (No 23) is reserved for a consideration equal to twice the amount or value of the average annual rent. .