Service Level Agreement Bpo

There are also variations of these metrics. You can use a «refined» ASA, SL, or Abort rate. What does that mean? Well, that means you`re filtering out some calls that you don`t want to include. The metric is not pure and tells a slightly different story. An example is removing your SL metric and removing all calls that didn`t wait for the full threshold. If you use an 80/20 SL, your SL 80/20 is refined, without any calls canceled in less than 20 seconds. The logic here is that you put staff to answer the call in 20 seconds. If the customer doesn`t give you the full 20 seconds to try to answer it, do you want that to count against you? Remember that the stricter the service level goal, the more expensive it is for employees. You want to make sure that every little money you spend on work is an intentional goal. Most call centers don`t use a refined level of service, but it can help manage costs.

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