Rental Agreements Malta

Tenants who do not comply with the rules of the rental agreement, including the absence of monthly rents, cannot be seized by their landlord. The same applies to tenants who, beyond the agreed term, remain in the use of their rental business. In addition, there appears to be a gap with respect to clauses intended to regulate expenses that may relate to Internet/TV service bills and other similar charges. Clauses that do not reflect the actual consumption of electricity and water bills or that do not govern rent, deposit, insurance and contributions related to common rooms are prohibited by law. So how can such spending be regulated? Are the parties free to enter into separate private agreements that govern them? Once again, legislative changes will be made to clarify these situations for tenants and landlords. It`s not without criticism, however, with some landlords saying it`s «draconian» and could stifle the rental industry. Registration: A lessor is required to register any private lease signed with its tenants. These contracts must be registered with the housing authority within 10 days of the start or renewal of the lease. A reform of private leases of real estate leased to tenants who work or study in Malta.

The new law encourages landlords to declare their rental properties to the housing authority and to impose stricter conditions on the contracts and behaviour of landlords and tenants. In cases of profession without title, the lessor will be issued a notice of execution asking him to comply with the rules set by law within the time limit set by the Authority. In such cases, the Authority may order the lessor to comply with the obligations provided for by law for a period of at least one (1) year, while he has a rent that does not exceed seventy-five percent (75%) of the rental value of the immovable. The Authority may also require that the agreement be registered only if the conditions laid down are considered to be in line with average market conditions. Owners can register their leases online via this link. If you need to sign a lease, our law firm in Malta can provide you with advice on this. Please contact our Maltese lawyers if you need legal representation for your contracts signed in Malta. We can also help foreign investors who want to buy real estate in Malta.

In order to ensure the stability of the sector, the new rental rules include, among other things, the obligation to register all private rental properties, as well as the minimum and maximum rental periods for long or short rentals. From 1 January 2020, Malta will face new rules regarding the rental market, with a particular focus on rental contracts. The Housing Authority of Malta is the most important institution that deals with all rental matters. In 2018, the Authority even adopted a new law providing for several amendments to the Housing Act providing for rental contracts. .