Dst Enterprise Agreement

Almost all positions on the hash block are in Southern Australia (60) and Victoria (44), with the rest located in NSW and ACT. The cuts concern a total of 111 positions in six of the seven research departments of Australia`s second largest publicly funded R&D organisation after the CSIRO. The three areas will together receive $22 billion from Defence`s $270 billion package for new and improved capabilities over the next ten years. By comparison, the 2016 white paper spent about $15 billion on a flow of messages, surveillance, electronic warfare, reconnaissance, space, and cyber current. The PCSU said the cuts were a direct result of the government`s average strength cap (AAS), citing its own defence amendment document. The Defense Ministry plans to cut more than 100 employees from its research and development department, the Defense Science and Technology Group (DST). «DST has reviewed its structures and capabilities as well as its relationships with customers and stakeholders,» the spokesperson told iTnews. Try the new ADF Pay and Conditions BETA website, we design a website that is easier to use and understand. «Downsizing in lower-priority areas will allow for targeted growth in higher priority areas, including meeting technological and other research requirements, in line with the [DST] strategy and the 2020 strategic update. Only cyber and electronic warfare has been spared, according to documents spotted by iTnews. The Intelligence, Surveillance and Space Division, Martime and Aerospace is the most affected and accounts for 76 of the «voluntary» layoffs. «These reductions will affect the capability of the division`s aerospace, intelligence and surveillance services, as well as maritime services and weapons.

The Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU) announced on Thursday the proposed job cuts, which represent nearly 8% of the DST`s total workforce. UCP National Vice President Brooke Muscat urged the government to halt the decision when it needed to «invest in public sector jobs.» «It is time for the government to remove the FSA cap and invest in australia`s public sector. Defence said the process of reorganizing DST`s workforce had begun in line with the «More, together: DST Strategy 2030» published earlier this year and the strategic update. «If the past six months have shown us anything, it`s that the public sector is a critical component of Australia`s success and response to the pandemic.» «We know that now is not the time to cut jobs. The PCSU calls on the government to halt this decision and remove the FSA cap,» she said. He proposed cuts that come just weeks after The 2020 Defence Strategic Update, which featured increased spending in the operational areas of information, cybersecurity and space. Information for partners and families of ADF members. «This process is in line with the defence company agreement. It will help DST Group develop its skills in priority areas to meet the future needs of the department and the wider Australian community. It has been said that 4667 jobs have been cut in the department – about 21% – as a direct result of the ASL ceiling since 2013.