Confidentiality Agreement Andrew Brady

Caroline Flack`s ex-boyfriend, Andrew Brady, gave details of a confidentiality agreement for her relationship, just days after the host was arrested for assault. Andrew Brady shared a screenshot of a confidentiality agreement on his Instagram feed. While Andrew`s copy of the NDA posted on Instagram is not signed, it was reported that Andrew had signed a confidentiality agreement. Caroline Flack`s ex, Andrew Brady, yesterday posted a confidentiality agreement on his Instagram and titled the post «abusehasnogender,» while there has never been any evidence of abuse in their relationship. . The police or CPS may also drop the charge if there is not enough credible evidence to obtain a conviction or if a witness withdraws his or her testimony. . . . It will take place on Monday 23 December, appear on bail before the Magistrates` Court of Highbury Corner. «Caroline accused him of sleeping and found messages on her phone that made her furious and upset,» the source reported. .

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