Burrup Maitland Industrial Agreement

Located in the heart of the resource frontier, the Dampier archipelago is also home to the municipality of Dampier, a liquefied natural gas processing plant (Woodside`s Pluto B), Rio Tinto Iron Ore`s leases and railway head, the Dampier Port Authority, gas, iron ore and salt export facilities. Other residents are Dampier Salt, a liquid ammonia plant, the maitland Strategic Industrial Area, Holcrim Quarry and another fifteen square kilometres of unbuilt land, which has been developed for industrial use inside the NHL Square. This concentration of resource infrastructure contrasts sharply with the majestic beauty of the dark red Pilbara landscape that stands in the aquamarine seas. The torches of the Pluto B plant rise like the towers of Mordor and can be seen as they approach both the wider plain of Abydos and the sea. A bit like in J. R. R. Tolkien`s universe, the torches, constantly recall the human search for truth and beauty in the face of adversity: here, the desire of men to protect their heritage in the face of a brutal history of contact (for example. B Gara 1983) and nascent industrialization. Murujuga`s multiple interests face the main challenges of reconciling the recognition of aborigines and their culture with the exploitation of rich mineral resources. Burrup Strategic Industrial Area (Burrup SIA) is a well-established strategic industrial area, with empty land for strategic industry in the immediate vicinity of gas, port and other important infrastructure in the Pilbara region. For more information about the Pilbara area, please contact the Pilbara Development Commission. DevelopmentWA supports the development of sustainable strategic industrial zones by promoting the colocation of industries using waste reuse and other synergies where possible.

As part of the improvement plan / improvement program, a strategy for industrial ecology will provide a vision and strategy for Sia, maitland, to become a sustainable industrial zone, promoting the establishment of industries to create synergies such as the reuse of products or by-products. MAC is the accredited body for BMIEA. MAC monitors the implementation and contractual obligations of the agreement. The burrup agreement allows for industrial development in the southern parts of the Burrup Peninsula, provides for the development of a nature reserve and ensures the protection of Aboriginal heritage. The implementing instrument (the burrup agreement) was signed in January 2003 between Woodside and three Aboriginal groups. .