Transportation Logistics Services Agreement

You may be tempted to «sign a handshake» or leave important considerations indefinite to secure a business partnership, but this could leave you in a difficult situation if something goes wrong. Don`t object: you absolutely need a well-written logistics service contract, and it should have these four important functions to offer you the most trustworthy commercial protection. 10.5 The carrier`s liability under this contract is limited to the amount of entry. Under no circumstances is the carrier responsible for any special, accidental or consequential damage, regardless of the potential. The airline is not liable for losses or damages resulting from a force majeure event within the meaning of Section 18 of this agreement or for an act or failure of the shipper. Part of your contract negotiations should be an in-depth discussion about all the value-added storage services your company is used to break down these costs. From product handling services to overtime for storage staff during your working hours, exceeding these costs in advance keeps the logistics trading machine running. 3.6 If, during the duration of the agreement, the shipper changes its position by adding a warehouse (the «new site») to the list of exposures (list exposure letter), the sender may, initially, assign the new site to the carrier for a period of no more than six (6) months, at the service price calculated by the carrier on the same economic basis as the agreed rates. During this six-month period, the shipper will request price proposals for transportation and shipping services to and from the new site of forwarders and other external transportation providers. At the end of this proposal procedure and at the sole discretion of the shipper, the shipper may assign the new local transportation services to a carrier deemed most appropriate by the shipper. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, all new location services granted to the carrier are subject to the terms of this Agreement. 6.2 Any party may terminate this contract for no reason if it is previously informed in writing by the other party that this termination is not effective before (insert a delay) (insert a delay).

The carrier procures and waits at any time for the duration of this agreement and confirms that any carrier has purchased and maintains production in the primary warehouse covered by this agreement exclusively: 3.7 The shipper stops production at the main site for the duration of the agreement or ceases operations in the main warehouse. under this agreement. The sender sends the carrier one (1) monthly before the operation on the site concerned is terminated.