Stud Agreement Dogs

Third, and finally, if you look at the tax, make sure you know how many farms during the current heat cycle. Again, a general rule is three farms, but you do not have to follow this rule. Also, as mentioned, as you offer your stud services, some types of breeding only allow for breeding. Dams and studs can be local, meaning the dam can be dropped and recovered hours later. Other dam owners will travel miles to drop off their dog, so they can stay with the stud owner for several days or a week to have enough time for natural mating. The dog breeding service contract contains details of how the stud farm owner should care for the mother during her stay, for example by ensuring that she is fed and kept warm and comfortable. The owner of the stud farm should also agree to help the dogs mate if necessary and to take care of them 24 hours a day to avoid injury. A general guide to creating a breeding contract can be provided in The Kennel Club Assured Breeders. Before mating, it is important that a detailed written breeding dog contract is agreed and signed to avoid future confusion. Make sure that a copy of your signed contracts is filed in a safe place. In return for the cost of the canine breeding service, the female is grown 2 to 3 times during the summer or thermal cycle. Therefore, information such as breeding dates, location and procedures (natural breeding or artificial insemination) may be included in the contract.

Obviously, if you choose the choice of litter, you should wait until the puppies are 8 weeks old to collect your dog breeding costs. Breeding rights are set by the owner of the breeding dog. The method of payment may vary. The owner of the stud farm may charge a bar fee, «Pick of the Litter», one or more puppies of the resulting litter, etc. The collection of stud fees is the responsibility of the owner of the stud farm. The contract may provide that the father`s owner is not required to sign an application for registration of the AKC`s scope until the stolle fee is paid. Keep in mind that the AKC cannot resolve disputes between individuals over livestock contracts and agreements. You can`t let your stud service on popularity yourself. You should find a balance between advertising and service.

There may come a point where you would find yourself overwhelmed by dam owners, don`t be shy to say no to some of them and increase your prices. If you are unsure of the tests to be carried out before going through the stud service, contact your national breeding association. Whether it`s the first time the stallion or dog has seen mating, they may need your help to complete the task. Breeding is not as simple as it sounds. Dogs cannot be left in the yard or in a pen. There are times when women do not accept that they should be controlled with a leash or snout. Now that we have dealt with other important factors for a velvety stud, with an intact male, a contract and health test results, you are insuring a crate for the visit of the dams as well as a leash and a snout. Although it seems a lot to put into a contract, the deeper you are, the better you are able to protect not only yourself and your stud, but each of its descendants brought into the world.