Paypal User Agreement

Any payment sent to you may be subject to cancellation, payment verification, limitation, booking or blocking, as permitted by this user agreement. PayPal rights of suspension and termination. PayPal reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to suspend or terminate this contract of use, access or use of its websites, software, systems (including all networks and servers operated to provide any of the services PayPal) by us or on our behalf or for some or all PayPal services, at any time after receiving notification (i) if you violate this user agreement: (i) if you violate this usage agreement. , the PayPal Directive on Acceptable Use, Business Unit Agreements (such as those applicable to you) or any other agreement between you and PayPal or (ii) if we reasonably decide to do so for other circumstances or reasons. Our provision is final and binding, unless it is a clear error or bad faith. Once this user agreement is complete, PayPal will be required to pay unlimited funds held in your PayPal. We can offer you any part or combination of the cashier solution. If we offer you the checkout solution and you choose to use it, in addition to this user agreement, you agree to the following other terms regarding the following functions: You can terminate your billing contract at any time with immediate effect in your account interface or by contacting us. If a payment is to be made as part of this billing agreement before the end of the next business day, after you tell us to cancel it, we may cancel your billing contract after this payment. If you terminate a billing contract, you may continue to owe the recipient money for goods or services you have received but have not paid for. Some sellers allow you to save PayPal like how you pay when you shop on their website so you can check faster. Often this means that they make an agreement with the seller that allows them to require us to incriminate your account PayPal with each purchase.

To minimize interference in your automatic payments, we can update your payment information. see the link or the introduction of a payment method. Your payment to another user will leave your account within the business day after receiving your full payment order. PayPal`s liability is limited to your PayPal account and use of PayPal services. To the extent permitted by law (and subject to our liability as part of a consumer guarantee) and to the extent that liability PayPal is in no way limited by that party or any other contractual clause, PayPal is liable for the consequential damages (whether or not the damage related to the loss or injury is under the law , of the contract or an illegal act (including negligence) or in some other way: To obtain electronic money in your account, you can, subject to this user agreement: we look forward to sending the payment order to our bank before the end of the next business day (the «working day» means a day when banks in Luxembourg are accessible to the public).