Mhh Agreement

The University Council serves as an advisory body to the Bureau and the Senate. It presents opinions and recommendations: economic and development plans, proposals for creation or cooperation with companies, draft agreements between the WHA and the Ministry of Science and Culture on the objectives and objectives and proposals of the Senate for appointed or appointed members of the Office. The university board is made up of seven members with the right to vote. One member is elected by the MHH Senate, five are appointed by the Ministry of Science and Culture of Lower Saxony in agreement with the HMA Senate, one by the ministry as its representative. We are pleased to announce an agreement between the Hanover Higher School of Medicine and the Thieme Publishing Group. This agreement allows university members to access Thieme`s electronic journals with the new option for affiliated authors to publish Open Access in these journals with a 25% discount on the publication tax (APC). This agreement applies to these recordings. Please fill out this form and sign it. Study and internships abroad – The WHA offers students many opportunities. Exchange programmes will be made possible through bilateral partnership and cooperation agreements under the European Union`s ERASMUS programme. For more information on this agreement, please visit the WHA website. Or don`t hesitate to contact us at the The main objective of the Industry Settlement Activity (IMH) is to bridge the contractual gap that traditionally exists between contractors working at UKCS in terms of the distribution of liability.

In the case of an offshore facility, an operator awards contracts to a contractor who can enter into a contract with his subcontractors. This is a vertical relationship between some parties, but no relationship between contractors and subcontractors. The IMHH is designed as a substantive agreement in the absence of a direct contract between the contractors. The IMHH program has been underway since July 1, 2002. The IMH 2002 program lasted ten years until December 31, 2011. The 2012 IMH program will run from January 1, 2012 to December 31, 2021. The IMHH applies to the North Sea and Irish Sea region of the United Kingdom. It aims to support all offshore activities (with a few exceptions) in the oil and gas industry, and participants should be able to undertake them over the long term (although withdrawal and termination rights are limited). Parties that are not members at first may join at any time.

The IMHH program was created to manage the risks inherent in the industry in a much more comprehensive and effective way.