International Distribution Agreement Pdf

4 DISTRIBUTOR agrees that Company has not given it the authority to make changes to Company`s terms of sale, renew COMPANY`s business guarantees, enter into contracts or make offers on behalf of OR, in order to prevent companies from making transactions with DISTRIBUTOR customers, government authorities or third parties. There is no working relationship between COMPANY and DISTRIBUTOR, or between a company or an employee or a distributor representative. DISTRIBUTOR acts on its own account at all times and at its own expense. 4. Subject to the provisions of Section 13 below, the duration of this ACCORD is valid for a fixed period of — years beginning on the effective date and automatically ending at the expiry of that period, unless the SS is extended in accordance with the provision below. If THE COMPAGNIE and the distributor expressly agree in writing to renew this ACCORD before the above expiry date, this ACCORD will be pursued in full and in effect for one or more (1) consecutive years of extension. 9 Employ a sufficient number of competent salespeople and service personnel with technical experience at your own expense to sell and service products;. Occasionally by its sellers, as it proves consensual for both parties to visit the COMPANY facility at distributor`s expense to develop expertise in skills, competitive advantages and product exploitation;. promotion of products in fairs, open houses or exhibitions, including sending advertising literature to potential customers; Send regular weekly and monthly status reports in format 3 to LA COMPANY.

Appendix D attached, which reflects sales activities and the expected requirements of customers in the territory; Copies of the end-user`s price documentation on product sourcing, which may be requested from time to time by ENTREPRISES. 6 Given the conditions given by THE ENTREPRISES, DISTRIBUTOR for an open account. provides the company with a persistent security interest in the products that DISTRIBUTOR has just acquired and subsequently, as well as any revenue from the resale of these products («collateral») in order to guarantee payment of DISTRIBUTOR`s payment obligations under this ACCORD. DISTRIBUTOR recognizes that this section constitutes a security agreement and authorizes ENTREPRISES to submit all funding declarations or other documents necessary to enhance the security interest of THE COMPANY in a public service in a jurisdiction deemed necessary by THE ENTREPRISES.