Cessation Agreement

The International Commission establishes fixed and mobile inspection teams made up of an equal number of officials appointed by each of the aforementioned states. Fixed teams are at the following points: Laokay, Langson, Tien-Yen, Haiphong, Vinh, Dong-Hoi, Muong-Sen, Tourane, Quinhon, Nhatrang, Bangoi, Saigon, Cap Saint-Jacques, Tranchau. These locations may be modified at a later date at the request of the Joint Commission or one of the parties or the International Commission itself, by mutual agreement between the International Commission and the order of the party concerned. The areas of action of the mobile teams are the regions bordering Vietnam and Vietnam, the demarcation lines between the cluster zones and the demilitarized zones. Within the boundaries of these areas, they have the right to move freely and receive from the local civil and military authorities all the facilities necessary to carry out their duties (provision of personnel, provision of documents necessary for surveillance, invocation of witnesses necessary to conduct investigations, guarantee of the safety and freedom of movement of inspection teams). Etc….. They have the modern means of transport, observation and communication they need. Beyond the areas of action defined above, mobile teams may, in accordance with the order of the party concerned, perform further movements as part of the tasks entrusted to them by this Agreement. b) However, it is considered that war equipment, weapons and ammunition that were destroyed, damaged, used or depleted at the end of hostilities can be replaced on the basis of parts of the same type and with similar characteristics. The replacement of war equipment, weapons and ammunition is not permitted during the Article 2 withdrawal period for French Union forces stationed north of the provisional military demarcation line under Article 1 of this agreement. The Joint Committee oversees the implementation of the following provisions of the Cessation of Hostilities Agreement: (d) monitoring the implementation of the provisions of the cessation of hostilities agreement at ports and airfields and at all Vietnam borders relating to the implementation of the provisions of the cessation of hostilities agreement governing the importation into the country of armed forces , military and unarmed weapons of all kinds. Ammunition and war equipment.

(f) The Trung Gia Military Commission and subsequently the Joint Commission, agree on the precise procedure for withdrawing combatants and withdrawing and transferring troops, on the basis of the above principles and within the framework defined below: all operations and movements that led to the cessation of hostilities and consolidation must take place in a safe and orderly manner. : The Joint Committee establishes common groups whose number is determined by mutual agreement between the parties. The common groups are made up of an equal number of officials from both parties.