Acceptable Use Agreement For Primary Schools

Digital technologies have become an integral part of the lives of children and young people, both at school and outside school. The school will comply with the general data protection regulations and will seek permission from parents and facilitators before taking pictures of school members. We will also ensure that young people cannot be identified from their names when posting images. The school will strive to ensure that students have good access to digital technologies to improve their learning, and in return, they expect students to agree to be responsible users. I will tell a proper teacher or adult when I see something that annoys me on screen. This authorisation form is accompanied by a copy of the Directive on the Authorized Use of Students, so that parents and facilitators are aware of young people`s expectations of education. I will ask a suitable teacher or adult for help if I am not sure what to do, or if I think I have done something wrong. I know that my son/daughter has signed an acceptable use agreement, and that he has received or will receive esafety training to help them understand the importance of safe use of technology and the Internet, both at school and at school. You can revoke any consent given at any time by contacting the school board and informing them of your decision. . . . I understand that the school will take all appropriate measures, including monitoring and filtering systems, to ensure that young people are safe when using the internet and ICT systems.

I also understand that, at the end of the day, the school cannot be held responsible for the nature and content of materials accessible on the internet and mobile technologies. Young people should be eligible at all times. The images can also be used to celebrate successes by publishing in news bulletins, on the school`s website and sometimes in public media. I know that if I object to the rules, I am not allowed to use a computer. Young people are responsible users and remain safe while using the internet and other communication technologies for educational, private and recreational uses. As the parent/guardian of the above-mentioned students, I allow my son and daughter access to the Internet and ICT systems at school. . The use of digital/video images plays an important role in learning activities. Students and staff can use digital cameras to record evidence of classroom and alesson activities.

These images can then be used in the following lesson presentations. In accordance with the instructions of the Information Commissioner`s Office, parents/facilitators are cordially invited to make videos and digital images of their children at school events for personal use. In order to respect the privacy of all and, in some cases, to benefit from protection, these images should not be published/made available to the public on social networks, nor should parents/animators decide on activities with other students/students in digital/video images. I will encourage my child to use the internet and digital technologies safely at home and I will inform the school if I have any doubts about my child`s e-safety. I will take care of the computer and other devices – parents and caregivers are aware of the importance of e-safety and participate in training and guiding young people about their online behaviour. Signed (child): ………………… date:……………………………………………… These technologies offer powerful tools that open up new possibilities for all.