Public Service Agreement Qld

If you have any questions about the contracting process, please contact your union or your agency`s appropriate IR/ER team. In accordance with the government`s public sector wage policy, it is expected that employees of the basic agreement will receive a one-time payment for the resolution of negotiations through a certified agreement. From 9 March 2020, the proposed agreement and the corresponding explanation of the agreement will be available on To make real change, we need a strong public service campaign that requires employers to change the rules of the Queensland Public Service. The following awards and agreements apply to Queensland Health employees: negotiations continue on matters affecting queensland members of the public sector. Click here to read the latest negotiation updates. The government and all parties will now work on a replacement agreement. Once this process is complete, more information on the proposed agreement will be made public and all staff covered by the agreement will be put to a vote. The government will continue to approve the agreement in principle in accordance with standard procedures. Once this approval is confirmed, the single payment will be processed and further communications regarding the date of payment will be made. The Palaszczuk government is currently negotiating a series of new collective agreements for the public sector with public sector unions.

Public sector workers are the backbone of Queensland. They are on the front line of the COVID-19 crisis. It is the public sector that protects the Queenslanders and ensures that everyone stays safe. You are the people who go out so that others can stay at home and be safe. The Labour Relations Board will now meet with union negotiators to complete the development of the proposed replacement agreement. The State Government`s 2015 Certified Agreement (Basic Agreement) expires this year. This agreement includes terms and conditions of employment for you and other staff of your agency. We have seen remarkable efforts to «flatten» the curve of Queensland`s public health system. This flattening of the curve has saved tens of thousands of Queenslanders from the first projections and international tragedies we continue to experience. We must remain vigilant in the face of the pandemic to ensure that there are no major or «second-point» casualties. With the reduction of the health emergency, we are now facing an economic crisis unprecedented since the Great Depression almost a hundred years ago. Queensland Health has seven important agreements that prescribe wages and other conditions of employment for workers (excluding executives and executives).

Learn more about the status of negotiations on the state government`s certified agreement to replace the agreement. The nominal expiration date of the basic agreement was August 31, 2018. However, negotiations on the basic agreement between the parties continue in good faith. All representatives are actively involved in negotiations to reach an agreement in principle by 30 September 2018. In accordance with the government`s wage policy, the anniversary of the salaries of September 1, 2018 will be maintained.