Cen Workshop Agreements

In addition, market participants who wish to participate in the workshops are not limited to Europe`s geographical boundaries. It is a direct response, both to the increasing globalization of trade patterns and to the influence of consortia in the development of international technical agreements outside the formal standardization system. The conditions that must be met during the development phase of the workshop agreement are deliberately light to facilitate its development. CEN-CENELEC calls for the content of the workshop agreement not to be at odds with existing European standards (see also clause 2.1); This does not mean that a CEN-CENELEC agreement cannot compete with the requirements of a European standard or that it cannot compete with another CEN-CENELEC agreement. A CWA must be withdrawn if the publication of an EN puts the CWA in conflict with the EN. The organization of the workshops itself is completely independent of the traditional technical committees responsible for the development of CEN/CENELEC standards, although this should not be interpreted in such a way that there is no interface between the workshops and the technical committees. A well-established CEN/CENELEC workshop agreement can be proposed for the transformation into NES, provided that all the characteristics of an NS and the standardization process are respected; similarly, members of a technical committee could encourage the creation of a workshop to meet market needs that it cannot meet by developing (or redesigning) an EN or TS. The CEN/CENELEC agreement is developed by participants in a CEN/CENELEC workshop who are interested in developing one or more reference documents that do not consider appropriate the lack of openness of a de facto standard or the additional rigour of a NORME. Participation in a workshop is open to all, non-Europeans are welcome and the opportunity to participate is widely promoted in advance by its candidates and by the CEN/CENELEC and its member bodies. The workshop chair is responsible for ensuring that the development of the CWA is consistent with the principles of the business plan adopted and the requirements of this document. The workshop secretariat draws ccMC`s attention to the major development problems of the CWA in order to find solutions. Notwithstanding the above, any member of the CEN/CENELEC may exercise the right of appeal in accordance with CEN/CENELEC IR, Part 2, Point 7, even if this guidance document is not respected.

The adopted business plan defines the languages in which the CWA is to be developed and published. At least one must be an official language of CEN/CENELEC (English, French or German). Drawing in a language is allowed. Conflict with European standards is not permissible. The absence of conflict is a prerequisite for ensuring the overall coherence of the results adopted by European standards bodies and the credibility of European standardisation in the market.