California State Cable Franchise Agreement

(b) «cable operator»: any person or group of people who provide cable services and who, directly or through one or more related companies, is strongly interested in a wiring system; or who controls or is responsible for the management and operation of a cabled system in accordance with Title 47 of the U.S. Code, in accordance with Title 47 of the us code. (f) For the purposes of this section, in the case of a video service that can be shared or integrated functionally with other services, functions or applications, the Government franchise fee applies only to gross revenues within the meaning of the video service subdivision (d). When the holder of a public franchise or affiliate business aggregates, hires or combines video services with non-video services, so that subscribers pay a single fee for more than one service class or receive a discount on video services, gross revenues are determined on the basis of a fair distribution of the package rebate , d. d. the total price of each class of service at advertised prices relative to the price of the package, among all classes of services that include the package. The fact that the owner of a state franchise offers a bundle package is not considered an advertising activity. If the holder of a state franchise does not offer a separate component of the package, the holder of a state franchise must declare a declared retail value for each component on the basis of reasonable comparable prices for the product or service, in order to determine the deductible fee based on the package discount described above. (k) «local unity»: a city, county, city, city and county or authority with common powers within the state, under which a state franchise holder under that division may provide wiring or video services. A. The city`s current franchise with Comcast of California IX, Inc. offers four public, educational and government channels for peg programming. Local franchise owners and owners of a state video franchise under DIVCA each provide at least four PEG channels.

(a) 1. An annual charge calculated by a local public electricity supplier for the use of a supply tower by a communications service provider cannot exceed an amount determined by the increase in the percentage of the total usable area that would be occupied by fixing the annual cost of operation of the mast and its support anchorage. As is used in this paragraph and paragraph 2, «usable space» means space above the minimum level that can be used to attach wires, cables and associated devices. Subject to objective rebuttal, it can be assumed that a single crop occupies a useful surface foot and that an average utility stock contains 13.5 feet of useful surface area. 3. Respect for this section.