Bid Implementation Agreement

An agreement between a company and an employee (usually a major employee) that gives the worker the right to terminate his employment and obtain a significant redundancy payment in the event of a hostile offer.4 May act as a poison pill. In a user-friendly off-market bid, before the opaque is made public, the bidder and the objective will generally conclude a «licensing implementation agreement» which: an agreement between a bidder and an objective whereby the objective is to propose a scheme to its shareholders and to provide the conditions for which the bidder proposes to acquire the objective. The offer implementation agreement generally includes «agreement protection mechanisms,» such as: an agreement clause between an objective and a potential bidder that prevents the objective of allowing potential competing bidders to access due diligence without the agreement of the first bidder. An agreement often comprising one or more blocking devices between a bidder and a goal setting out the main conditions for which the bidder bids for the objective. A clause in an agreement between a candidate and a potential bidder, which sets a period during which the objective is entitled to obtain a competing proposal. The off-market offer is usually made public for the first time when the offer takeover agreement is executed. This announcement usually includes a full copy of the offer implementation agreement. An agreement clause between an objective and a potential bidder, which promotes or facilitates a particular control transaction and may impede another control transaction, real or potential.5 Are examples: an agreement clause between a target and a potential bidder that gives the potential bidder the right to comply with a competing proposal or to be better. The bidder must pay the offer price to shareholders who have accepted the offer within one month of the expiry of the deadline, or twenty-one days after the closing of the bid deadline.

The company is focused on the development of the Namdini Gold project and published its feasibility study on October 28, 2019. The Namdini project has a gold ore reserve of 5.1 Moz (138.6 Mt at least 1.13 g/t); 0.5 g/t cut-off), including 0.4 Moz Proved (7.4 Mt to 1.31 g/t Au; 0.5 g/t cut-off) and 4.7 Moz (131.2 Mt to 1.12 g/t Au; 0.5 g/t Cut-off). An offer, system or other transaction in which a person (the «seller») gets control of a business (the «destination»). The section 606 restriction, which prevents a person from acquiring a stake in more than 20% of a widely-held company`s shares without complying with any of the exceptions in Section 611, such as fluctuation, acquisition or plan. A provision that prevents a person from increasing their participation for a specified period of time.